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About Beth Schofield

in Newberg and Beaverton, OR

Beth Schofield, CSW-A

Beth obtained her Master's Degree at Arizona State University and is working towards licensure as an LCSW. She has extensive experience as a substance abuse counselor working with individuals wanting to make positive changes to their lives and create a brighter future for themselves and their families. She has also worked in the prison system with inmates seeking to break the cycle of addiction and criminality, on an Emergency psychiatric assessment team within the local hospital emergency room, and in an inpatient behavioral health facility.

She also has extensive experience with group therapy facilitation, including CBT, ACT, MRT, and Recreational Therapy. She takes a trauma-informed and strength-based approach to therapy and believes that, given a nonjudgmental, safe, and therapeutic environment, everyone can heal. Empowering individuals to understand and identify negative patterns, problem-solve, and make positive changes in their lives is essential to moving forward.
Our experiences shape who we become, and accepting ourselves for who we are, regardless of our struggles, impacts our thoughts and behaviors. Showing resilience, adapting, and overcoming the obstacles life may place on our path are vital to moving